Young Professionals Next Generation

Next Generation

The future of our industry rests in the hands of the next generation, and we have a responsibility not just to support today’s leaders, but also to nurture tomorrow’s.

Ms Gwyneth Ganya MILT WiLAT Chairperson

We are the Next Generation, the future leaders of CILT.


We are passionate about the Logistics and Transport Industry and its potential to transform the world.

By joining the Next Generation Network, you can expect:

– Industry Networking: Connect with experts and peers in the logistics sector and learn from their insights and experiences. Enhance your career and professional development opportunities through our network.
– Entrepreneurship Development: Explore the possibilities of starting your own business or innovating in the logistics industry. Meet and collaborate with industry giants and mentors through our Next Generation Programmes.
– Career Interaction Platforms: Participate in regional and international events and activities in the Logistics and Transport Industry. Gain exposure and access to global opportunities and challenges in the sector.
– Leadership Roles: Develop your leadership skills and potential through our Next Generation Network. Take up roles and posts at local, regional and international levels and expand your network and influence.


What should I expect from joining The Next Generation Network?
The Next Generation provides a platform for the next generation of influential leaders and decision makers to come together under one umbrella, to share new and exciting ideas, learn from one another, develop professionalism and make new friends!